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SEGARRN’s vision is “To develop and sustain a public Safety communications system that allows licensees to individually own and maintain their portions of the infrastructure (sites) while the sites function together as a network with multiple layers of redundancy”.  SEGARRN’s significance for the citizens of southeast Georgia is that the system “… design provides regional capability to support daily local operations, facilitates rapid response to man-made or natural disasters, and enables state and federal partners to plug-in and operate securely when and as needed.”

Efforts to develop a regional interoperable communications system for public safety agencies in southeast Georgia may be traced to preparations for the yachting venue of the 1996 Summer Olympics in the Savannah area.  Regional planning was acknowledged as necessary by the difficulty of the Hurricane Floyd evacuation in 1999. The G-8 conference held in coastal Georgia in 2004 was a further impetus to a regional approach to communications.   Several single-county or multi-agency upgrade efforts coalesced beneath the SEAGARRN banner in 2006-2007 after Chatham County and the City of Savannah purchased a Smartzone controller which enabled a regional radio network.

Numerous SEGARRN member jurisdictions have been successful in combining local funding with state and federal grants to continue the process of building a regional interoperable communications system.  In 2008, SEGARRN jurisdictions received major funding of $7.1 million from Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) grant to establish a network master site and connectivity for the City of Savannah and six counties.  Bulloch County also received PSIC funding to extend the network.  PSIC funding has helped achieve the near-completion of the network in several counties, and initiation of the project in Liberty County.

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